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    [Joel Osteen:]
    I want to talk to you today about the right people.
    Who you spend your time with will have a great impact on what kind of life you live.
    There are people God has already ordained to come across our path, to help us fulfill our destiny.
    People that inspire us, challenge us, make us better.
    The right people have already been lined up. But here’s the key.
    If you’re spending time with the wrong people you’ll never meet the right ones.
    If you’re hanging around people that are not going any place, people that are dragging you down, causing you to compromise, draining your energy, then you’re going to get stuck.
    You can’t hangout with chickens and expect to soar with eagles.
    You’re going to become like the people you continually associate with.
    You want to know what you’re going to be like in 5 years? Look at your friends.
    If your friends are going places, have a spirit of excellence, kind, generous, courteous, then those qualities are going to rub off on you.

    [Slim Thug:]
    Gotta get these blessings so tired of stressing, learning new lessons, plenty questions, it’s time for testing never ever resting
    Ima stay grinding so I stay shining, like a diamond Ima stay climbing to the next level and due timing.
    Tryna line up with them bosses, tryna soar high with them eagles can't chill with none of you chickens I’m tryna get rich with my people.
    Too high to see you haters to blessed to pay y’all mind ain’t got nothing to be mad at I’m drop head top dine.
    Thanking God all the time for helping me live my drams and for exposing all of those who wasn’t right for my team.
    Ima keep the receiving this game if its for the better I’ll change, only live once better do it right I’m tryna to leave a legacy mayne.

    [Joel Osteen:]
    Complainers find other complainers. That’s the saying, “birds of a feather, flock together.”
    My challenge is simple; make sure you’re flocking to the right group.
    Victorious people associate with other victorious people.
    Winners hang out with winners. Happy people hang around other happy people.
    Eagles soar with other eagles. We don’t like change, we want it to be just like it was when we were hanging out, growing up together.
    But it’s a new day. You have children, you have parents to take care of, you have more responsibilities

    [Slim Thug:]
    It’s a new day, I got kids to feed plus I got needs, understand that please before you try to blame me bout being greedy.
    I’m just tryna be all I can be. You should have stayed down instead of knocking me,
    now you on the sideline watching me feeling like I’m where you supposed to be.
    Mad cause you ain’t see what I see, I put God first and went and got it.
    See I came in the game focused; you was playing games in the projects, got tired of being at the bottom tryna take my family to the top.
    Only wanna work with them winners, keep raising up my stock, you still posted on the same block tryna move work out the same spot.
    Treating jail like it’s “in and out” and every time you get out you got your hand out.
    I know whatchu knew playing about but it ain’t working if you’re still hurtin no more excuses, no more complaining just prayin hard and hard workin

    [Joel Osteen:]
    But just because somebody is related to you doesn’t mean they are connected to you.
    They may have your blood but they don’t have your spirit.
    They may not have heard the call God put on your life.
    This doesn’t make them a bad person; it just means God has a different assignment for them.
    Maybe they are at a different level in their growth but they’re not right for you for this season.
    This is one of the hardest things we have to deal with, letting go of people that are not supposed to be in our lives.

    [Slim Thug:]
    Can’t let you slow me down, can’t let you slow me down.
    Can’t let you hold me down, can’t let you hold me down.
    If you ain’t tryna get better, better move around, if you ain’t helping you hurting I’m tryna chase that crown.
    I pray for success, I pray that you’re blessed; I pray for your best, but all the stress that you brought in my life, I lost all respect.
    We family so it’s all good, I ain’t trippin’ I’ll still speak, but the trust has been broken ain’t no more working with me.
    Being by myself, I’m at peace I’m too old to be out in these streets.
    I got to take care of my kids; I ain’t got time to have beef.
    I just got time to do me and see what’s next out there for me to see, ain’t tryna block my blessings so I listen to God when he speaks.

    [Joel Osteen:]
    Bottom line; don’t hold on to what God is asking you to walk away from.
    Another thought, you shouldn’t spend a lot of time with people that are always negative, people that are constantly discouraged; you gotta keep them cheered up, keep them fixed.
    I’m all for helping people; I’m all for being a blessing sometimes we have to love people back into wholeness.
    But if you’re always giving and never receiving that’s an unhealthy relationship. You need to gradually make a change.