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    A very deep and powerful om chanting meditation, to connect with and awaken the higher self. In this 60 mins of chanting meditation , as you chant along, the vibrations of OM sound will help in vibrating the cells of the body, and cleansing the aura, developing a positive energy vibrational field in and around you. OM is also the seed mantra of Third Eye Chakra - The Ajna. When Meditating and concentrating on this chakra helps in calming the mind.

    Everything in this world is a vibration!! And our physical health, our mental wellness and even the emotional wellbeing all are affected by the vibrations we are exposed to. The vibrations of sound, vibrations or vibes or aura of the people. The vibration of our environment. Each of these things have impact on us and when we chant, we tune ourselves to these positive vibrations of mantras. Even just listening to these chants, we are altering the vibrations and energy field of everything in and around us.

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