Orange and Cucumber Water

Make this consume in summer and drink plenty of water. It has vitamins that will cleanse the stomach and boost your defense mechanisms. There are products in this consume that’ll decrease hypertension, cholesterol, and to some extent, it’ll prevent cancer. If you don’t like to consume simple/tap h2o, you should improve your consuming schedule to lemon and cucumber h2o. This consume has many benefits, I am sure if you’ll try it once, you will create it again and again.


One medium size cucumber

12 to 20 great leaves

2 to 3 Lemons


Before creating this consume, clean all the components by carefully massaging them under regular h2o.

Starting taking the consume by shedding the cucumber’s skin thoroughly. Cut the cucumber into three big items and takeout all the seeds from them. When you are done, piece those three big items into much smaller items. If you piece them, they will easy melt in h2o, along with other components.

Take great results in and cut them in half. Cutting will enhance flavor, and they’ll easily mix with other components.

Slice lemon into thin items and set them aside.

Take a jug and add 2 quarter h2o in it. Put the chopped cucumber in the jug and mix carefully for a minute. If you want, you can keep the jug in a fridge for an hour. This process will melt cucumber products in h2o.

Add great results in, lemon pieces, and mix for a minutes. Put ice cubes in this consume and serve as you want to.

Extra components and Information

There are some components you can add in this consume. In the end if you don’t like the flavour, you can add berries and blueberry to modify the flavour. You can also use orange instead of lemon, but for better flavor I personally recommend use of lemon. You have the option to add your favorite components beside berries and blueberry.

Note: If you exit this consume for 2-3 hours in the fridge, this consume will have much better flavor as compare to consuming instantly. Leaving it will allow products to melt in h2o, which in return will give a much stronger flavor.

My Experience

When I feel like I have had too much artificial beverages and unhealthy meals in past weeks, I modify my schedule to cucumber h2o and similar beverages. I usually add sensible meals in my diet, along with a little bit of exercise to live a proper and balanced life.