Laptop that has Long Lasting Battery

1Although the price is expensive, not necessarily the best quality laptop. You must know the specifications and the technology used. In addition, you must also pay attention to the design so as not to be embarrassed when showing it to others. One thing that should not escape the attention is the battery power, how long the battery is resistant to laptop activity.

Of course you do not want the laptop can only be used for a while. If the old laptop battery life means also can save electricity because it does not continue to charge the battery.

For those of you who still lay about this device would be confused about choosing what type of laptop and what type. Well, here we summarize some laptops whose batteries last longer.

This is a Laptop that has a long lasting battery

Toshiba Portege Z20t

The first sequence of laptops whose long battery life is the Toshiba Portege Z20t. In place of “jual laptop terbaik“, this laptop has 2 batteries that make the power of activity last long. One battery is on the screen that can last up to 9 hours, while others are located on the keyboard that can add power to 8 hours. If combined this laptop can live more or less for 17 hours.

Lenovo ThinkPad T450s and Z250

Furthermore that includes laptops with long battery life is Lenovo ThinkPad T450s and Lenovo ThinkPad Z250. Although the power does not exceed the Toshiba Portege Z20t, but this Lenovo product has other advantages of using the type of battery removable. This is because Lenovo wants to give priority to the design and dimensions of the flat.

Dell XPS 13

Based on testing Dell XPS can last up to 18 hours. This laminated battery makes Dell again grab the attention of users of this technology. However, for you who want to get it will be difficult because the output of 2015 is still hard to find. If it’s usually a laptop manufacturer with long battery life using Intel Core M processor, but Dell does not need it. Dell laptop is still with Intel Core i5 processor. On the website “jual laptop murah“, this laptop is often sold at low prices.

MacBook Air

If you like apple products as well as Mac OS X systems, the choice would be better to fall on the MacBook Air. Apple Macbook Air is included in the list of laptops whose batteries are durable and last for hours. The screen size of about 11 inches has a strong stamina and can live for 12 hours according to testing. If you want more, just choose MacBook Pro sail 13 inch. Because the batteries together last long.

Well, those are some laptops that use long battery life, now you have a reference to buy a laptop. Do not just choose because the price, but be careful and look at the specifications offered by the laptop. Do not forget to know the quality of the brand laptop that will be purchased.