Excessive Wellness Elixir Recipe

During winter, when a person is most vulnerable to the common cool and other attacks, it is necessary to take care of well being. This is why you need to improve your defense mechanisms.

The last 5 or 6 days, I was sensation down and frustrated. I think the climate has done its perform together with me. I required something healthy and relaxing to get me launched and established, to start doing my everyday projects. A few dishes surpassed my mind, but I was too sluggish to do anything. That day my mom came to my house. She instantly observed that something was incorrect with me. After a couple of moments of discussion she smiled and said: “Don’t fear, my Excessive Wellness Elixir will cost your battery power and you’ll experience better in no time”. She went home and known as me after an time to get the elixir.

Believe it or not this extreme health elixir worked well as a appeal. I was sensation energized and ready for perform.

Anyway, here is the recipe:


100 grms (3,5 ounce) dry figs,
100 grms (3,5 ounce) cranberry extract,
100 grms (3,5 ounce) dry vineyard,
100 grms (3,5 ounce) nuts,
100 grms (3,5 ounce) peanuts,
100 grms (3,5 ounce) sunflower,
100 grms (3,5 ounce) sesame
2-3 tablespoons chokeberry


Put the components in the grinding machine and add 500 grms (17 ounce) of honey
This combination can be used instantly, or as a stuffing for your choice of cakes, biscuits or cupcakes.

Later on, I’ve tried to learn about the advantages of the components included in this extreme health elixir formula. Here is what I have found:

If you make a concept to take this elixir every day, for one 30 days, you will only get awesome results, and you’ll experience incredible improve of energy and power.

This means great improve of resistance, controlled perform of the digestive system, washed veins and liver organ, enhanced skin tone, ironed facial lines. Besides the fact that you will look more youthful, you will permanently reduce bowel problems and never know what is sclerosis. Ignore about cystitis and pyelonephritis, or serious swelling and disease of the renal system.

The components in this health elixir are delaying the ageing. Additionally, they should be presented in the eating habits in order to protect youngsters, elegance and energy. These components will protect us from early ageing, pension senility, loss of focus, storage, perspective, Alzheimer’s disease, blood circulation problems, cardiovascular illness, veins as well as every kind of melanoma.