Evaluation Between Andhra’s Pannakam And Mughalia Gur Sherbet

As a kid, I was desperately awaiting the festivities of Ram Navami at the Delhi Telugu Academia. I really cherished the consume called PANNAKAM given to one and all present in the big area. I usually requested for for an extra cup to the man involved in the submission of it. He led me to the kitchen where many individuals were active in the last arrangements of the lunchtime to be provided to all visitors. Wow! I saw something which I cannot usually forget in my life. I learned how to get ready the Pannakam!


1) Jaggery-1 kg

2) Black Spice up Powder- 50 grams

3) Cold and relax Water-1 liter


Take a huge package and add h2o to it. Add the items of jiggery into the h2o and mix well with the ladle. Add black pepper powdered and mix well again. Keep it for some time and in the fridge. Provide it in the cups. It is excellent for wellness insurance in taste.

During the month of Ramadaan, I frequented the old area of Jama Masjid. In the old galleys of this area, I was trying to take pleasure from various recipes ready and marketed to the clients can use. These recipes are not new and modern recipes. What did I notice at one of the stalls! I saw a man promoting GUR SHERBET.I was curious to know more about it and contacted towards his wait.

My sight could not evade the basic instances of the Gur Sherbet. There was a huge package stuffed with the darkish shaded h2o. He took the fluid with the help of the ladle and loaded it into the cups. He took half-sliced piece of orange and placed it in a fresh freshly packed orange juice machine and packed the juice into the brownish h2o. He combined it with the help of a scoop and passed it to his clients. One such cup was given to me also. Ah ha! The same taste and similar taste -this brought to mind the PANNAKAM.

Out of fascination, I requested the source about the name of the consume. To my complete shock, he said,”GUR KA SHERBET”. That’s it.I noticed the resemblances and variations between the two drinks-GUR KA SHERBET and PANNAKAM.

I recognized the viewpoint behind this encounter of my own. Oneness in diversity-no problem kind of area we come from, somewhere or the other, there are intersecting points for us. This can be with regards to the lifestyle, music, traditions, food, outfits, faiths, traditions, etc. One cannot evade from its hold. One can encounter them in some form or the other. The excellent finding for me is the fact that I EXPERIENCED IT DURING THE RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES-RAMA NAVAMI AND RAMADAAN. Both of them are pious festivities recognized in Indian with great pomp and show.

No problem the encounters are shown to us, I learned the following lessons:

a) Jaggery is wonderful for wellness.

b) Beverages ready from it are perfect for intake.

c) It has relaxing effect to our intestinal areas.

d) The taste is really excellent.

e) It is wonderful for the diabetics also.

f) The addition of the black pepper and fresh freshly packed orange juice contributes the taste to the consume.