Decreased Fat Burger Soup for Soup Lovers

“Have you appreciate cheeseburger soup?” I inquired a buddy.

“Sure,” she said. “It’s good. I inquired other buddies the same query and all were acquainted with cheeseburger soup. Obviously I was one of the last people in The united states to understand about this formula. The new I tried it was in a medical center cafeteria and the soup hit the identify on a sub-zero day. But there was little cheese pizza in it and whenever I came across a amount I experienced like I had discovered a silver nugget.

The soup also included too many apples and seemed more like spud soup than cheeseburger soup. Fascination got the best of me and I seemed on the Online for dishes. Some dishes were more complex than others. As much as I craved the soup, I did not have a lot of your energy to make it, and would have to take some short-cuts. If I was going to take short-cuts, I reasoned, they may as well eat well ones.

I began with the primary formula and replaced low-fat cheese pizza for the greater fat type. To get more fresh vegetables I more than doubled the green beans. Moreover, I included more poultry broth and a can of cheddar dairy products soup. To decrease the fat material more, I used reduced fat cheddar dairy products. Because dairy products tends to be high sodium I did not add any sodium to the soup. Instead of shedding and cutting apples, I thrown in some freezing apples O’Brien.

The planning here we are at this formula is about 15 moments and it provides eight. Though there are only two of us home now, I created the whole formula and organized to assist it for two meals. Cheddar dairy products can be challenging and if you let the soup steam the soup may “break.” Basically, it will reduce its width.

Keep mixing when you add the dairy products to avoid it from adhering to the base of the pan. This formula may be created in a crock pot or soup pot. Are you additional active these days? Thinking what to have for dinner? Try this reduced fat formula.


1 lb. 93% trim floor beef

1/4 c. sliced onions

1/2 c. celery

1 1/2 c. destroyed carrots

1 tsp. dry basil

4 glasses no-salt poultry broth

10 3/4-ounce can cheddar dairy products soup

1 1/2 c. freezing apples O’Brien

8-ounce program destroyed reduced fat cheddar cheese

1/3 c. Wondra flour

1/2 c. cool water

Reduced fat bitter lotion (optional)


In a huge experienced, prepare the various meats over technique warm, splitting it up as the various meats brown colours. Add red onion, oatmeal, green beans, and parsley. Exchange combination to a soup pan and grow warm on low. Add poultry broth, cheddar dairy products soup, destroyed Cheddar dairy products, and apples. Protect and prepare for 30 moments. Stir cool standard water into Wondra flour. Stirring regularly, gradually add a combination to the soup. Simmer over technique warm until soup thickens. Ladle into containers and take with bitter lotion if preferred. Provide with crusty breads or saltines. Creates 8 meals.