A Healthy Dish: Sindhi Curry

For the passion for the tangy flavor Sindhi Curry provides, I make it quite often. But more than the flavor, it’s the feel-good aspect I get after having such a nourishing and wholesome plate. Filled with fresh vegetables and provided with grain, it’s a finish food in itself. I normally miss the Lovely Boondi (sweetened g ground balls) provided along because I really like the sourness that remains on as an after flavor. But believe in me, the mixture of Lovely Boondi with the presented plate is just amazing. I have even seen people combining both at the time of eating to appreciate together the sweet and the bitter tastes.

Here’s the formula for you to appreciate it:

Ingredients: (5 Servings)

3 tablespoons. Gram Flour

Refined Oil

Tamarind Insert 3-4 tablespoons (can be improved or reduced as per your liking)

2 -3 tomatoes

(To decrease the amount of g flour used, volume of tomato vegetables can be improved. Best way to use tomato vegetables is to steam, peel off and then blend them. This gives a dense and sleek reliability to the recipe).

2 Apples, peeled and cut into fours

2 Drumsticks, peeled and cut into little hand size

2 Green legumes, peeled and cut into little hand size

8-10 beans

8-10 florets of Cauliflower

8-10 components of Brinjal

Handful of Peas

12-15 no. Ladyfingers, cut into halves

More vegetables of choice


Red Cold Powder

Cumin Seeds

Curry Leaves

2-3 Natural Chilies

Mustard Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds


I will take you phase by phase.

1. Clean all the fresh vegetables. Keep them aside after implementing sodium.

2. Strong fry woman fingertips and brinjal. Keep them aside

3. Smash tomato vegetables to dense paste.

4. Take stress pot and add oil into it. Once the oil is hot, add fenugreek plant seeds and mustard plant seeds. When they begin to crackle, add cumin plant seeds, green chilies and curry results in.

5. Add g flour. Cook and keep combining the g flour consistently for few minutes, until the shade changes to crimson brownish (the fragrance is just too tempting).

6. Add tomato paste, red broth powdered, sodium and turmeric extract, and keep combining.

7. When oil begins coming out from the ends, add a cup of standard water and all fresh vegetables, except for woman fingertips and brinjal.

8. Close the lid and delay for two whistles.

9. When the air from the pot runs away, start the lid. Add tamarind paste, extra standard water, woman fingertips and brinjal (I like it dense as tomato broth, you may change the reliability as per need).

10. Keep on simmer until all fresh vegetables are prepared.

11. Check for sodium and sourness. Add more, if needed.

12. Tempering can again be done, if needed. Otherwise, the curry is prepared to be provided with Rice and Lovely Boondi (writing the formula has turned on the need in me to have it asap:p. Wish it has same influence on you too).

13. Enjoy.

Do discuss your experience with the plate.